2015 Formula DRIFT Banquet Video

2015 Formula DRIFT Banquet

Covering the Formula DRIFT 2015 Season, its ups & downs and the drivers involved.

This is a never seen before look into the Formula DRIFT event, with interviews and behind the scenes shots.

The Formula DRIFT Event History:

Formula DRIFT or Formula D is a premier United States based series, founded by Jim Liaw and Ryan Sage back in 2003 as a sister company to the now defunct SlipStream Global Marketing. Ironically the same partnership which introduced the D1GP to the united states.

2015 is the 12th year of the series running.

Drivers are ” licensed ” as such to be a driver within the Formula DRIFT series, with over 60+ registered drivers.

Formula DRIFT consists of 7 rounds, each round consists of a judged points style system where drivers are judged based on execution & style, rather than who finishes first or with the fastest time.


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