Best Saudi Drifting الانجراف

Compilation of Best Saudi الانجراف

Compilation of best Saudi Arab Drifting also known as Tafheet & Hajwalah drifting ( هجول تفحيط )

Crashes, tumbles, Side to side saudi drift & More

History of Saudi Drifting:

Referred to as Tafheet or Hajwalah, it is known as Arab drifting, Saudi Drifting or middle east drifting – Is highly illegal and dangerous. They believe it started back in the 1970s and it involves the driver attempting to drift the vehicle – Starting off going left and right at extreme speed. During the process the drivers often hit barriers and other vehicles, sometimes killing themselves and others.

Most of the vehicles are toyota rental cars to reduce personal cost – Cashing in on insurance.

The illegal events are usually held in areas such as Riyadh, Al-Qassim Province and other parts of Saudi Arabia

Spotters who alert drivers and others of police allow people to evade police action!

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