Drifting with hand controls!

So, on this episode Ryan Tuerck & Chris Forsberg decide to do hand controls drifting with ” Chairslayer “.

Last time they did opposite controls – Check out the vid here

Check out Network A for more drifting videos.


Competitive drifting with no foot pedals. Tuerck’d Season 3, Ep. 2: Rob “Chairslayer” Parsons is an adaptive drift driver who’s engineered and built a drift car that operates using hand controls in place of clutch and gas pedals. One hand controls the gas, brake, clutch and shifting – everything about this is genius, with one exception—Parsons has agreed to let Ryan Tuerck and Chris Forsberg test out his newly built system in an intense head-to-head drifting competition. Something is definitely getting Tuerck’d and we hope it’s not Chairslayer’s new car. Let’s see who spins out and who styles this course—may the most coordinated driver win!
Got questions about Parsons’ incredible adaptive setup or Forsberg and Tuerck’s driving skills? Hit us with questions and comments below and Tuerck just might respond to you in next Tuesday’s Burnout Response video!
Directed by Andrew Laputka/Shoot First Media, produced by Jacob Agajanian

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