Sexy Girls Drifting Compilation of 2015

Hot, Sexy Girls Drifting Street Cars of 2015



  • Walentynkowy trening
  • Sheena Woolhouse
  • Bonnie
  • Sopi Khojava
  • Alessandra Rossi
  • leika drift
  • Michelle Westby
  • Ramona Rusu
  • Hélena and Sara

With drifting being a male dominated sport,some girls are really getting involved in the sport. For example Jodie Verhulst of New Zealand – competing in D1NZ and Australian events. There is also Bex Bennett, also from New Zealand competing in local events & D1NZ.

However in the UK there is a growing trend of women entering the drifting motorsport, with BMW E30 series being an easy choice amongst the drivers.

The sport has an eye candy element to it which is evidently pulling in more drivers and enthusiasts. Drifting being identified as one of the fastest growing motorsports in the world.

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